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Surveillance des processus industriels
Broadsensor offers robust, smart digital water quality monitoring sensors for industry and Process water monitoring application. We can Also provide turn-key solution
for OEM/ODM customers.

Item Products


UV254 COD Sensor with Wiper, Hign Range

UV254 COD Sensor with Wiper, Medium Range

UV254 COD Sensor with wiper, Low Range

UV254 COD Sensor without wiper


Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor, 316 and POM Body

Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor, Titanium Body



Online Turbidity Sensor, High Range

Online Turbidity Sensor, Medium Range

Online Turbidity Sensor, Low Range


4-electrode Conductivity Sensor with Build-in Conductivity Cell

4-electrode Conductivity Sensor with Exposed Conductivity Cell

Oil in Water
Oil in Water Sensor, ppm Level

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