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Key Advantages:
Fiber optics path
Ambient light rejection technology
Internal temperature compensation
Easy to calibrate
Low calibration solution volume, 50mL minimum
Automatic temperature compensation

Item Technical Specification
Measurement Method scattered light at 90 degrees, ISO7027
Range 0.3~100NTU, 0.3~1000NTU, 1.0~4000NTU
Resolutio 0.01NTU, 0.1NTU, 1.0NTU
Accuracy +/-3% FS
Operating temperature 0~45℃
Storage Temperature -10~50℃
Min. Detection Limit 0.3NTU
Warranty 1 year
Depth IP68, 10m Max
Power DC 5~12V 10mA (normal)
Output RS485 and Modbus protocol
Materials POM, PMMA, SS316
Dimensions Length 170.5mm, diameter 22mm
Flow rate < 3 m/s
Response time Minimum 30s T90
Field life* Sensor 2 years or greater
Recommended Calibration maintain Frequency* Sensor 6 months

Note: *Field life and calibration frequency dependent on site conditions

Online Turbidity Sen

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Online Turbidity Sensor

BroadSensor measures turbidity with an fiber optics sensor. An 860nm light from the emitter enters the sample via fiber and scatters off particles in the water. The scattered light at 90 degrees,, enters a PD detector via fiber. This follows the nephelometric technique of measurement, and values are expressed in nephelometric turbidity units (NTUs). This follows the ISO7027 standard.